Bebe’s Instagram Stories Q&A

Bebe had a little moment of boredom so she let Rexhars send her some questions via Instagram Stories last night (July 13). Read all questions and answeres below.

What's the first thing you are gonna do when quarantine is over?
— Fly to see my family 😭
Do you have a title for BR2 yet? 🥺
— Yep
What's your favorite food?
— Chicken parmigiana
What are you listening to right now?
F2020 by Avenue Beat, Daisy by Ashnikko, West Ten by Mabel & AJ Tracey (Click on the songs to listen to them)
Favorite place to travel?
— France, Brazil, Finland, Albania, Mexico, Caribbean
What are some of the morals you live by?
— Treat others how you'd like to be treated
Are you happy? Are you ok?
— Yes and yes! ❤️
Your skincare routine? Would love to know it
— Moisturize!!! Most important. I love LA MER or Summer Fridays
Umm, are you hungry?
— I just had a green apple
What food do you like to eat these days?
— Salad, chicken, steak, veggies, chocolate almonds
Do you have insecurities?
— Of course!!! but I always try to work through them and show myself love and compassion
Have you ever tried sex? 🙊
— What is that? I've never heard of it (this is meant sarcasticly)
How do you deal with stress/anxiousness because of the pandemic?
— Working out. Riding my bike. Meditating. Listening to music. Walk my dog
Do you like to cook? Best meal you make? Xoxo
— Penne alla vodka
Is your hair blonde again?
— Yes
Do you think the journey of healing when it comes to mental health is something we can take on alone?
— Yes! Absolutely, but support and help from friends or family or a teacher or a therapist is always beneficial
You miss your band?
— Yes. Lol
I am ashamed of my body because I have stretch marks 🥺
— Don't be I have them too. It's beautiful.
Have you ever tried Indian food?
— I loveeee Indian food
What do you want right now? ^_^
— French fries