‘Harder’ Music Video

When it comes to love it should be mututal – Bebe loves us so let’s give it back to her by watching and sharing the official Harder music video.

Who’s Most Likely To….🤔

Bebe and Jax Jones visited Kiss FM in London to promote their new single Harder. While paying a visit both sat down to play “Who’s Most Likely To” with some hilarious answers.

Bebe wants to meet young fan

A young girl called Gia is a big fan of Bebe Rexha and her music, and says that music is a good therapy. On Facebook Gia’s story was shared:

On 4th of July, Gia was being a regular kid and having fun waiting for fireworks. One moment she was swimming, the next moment she could not make a fist. Within minutes Gia went completely limp and was paralyzed. No injury had occurred that we could determine. Her father immediately rushed her to the hospital where Doctors hurried to keep her alive, as she had lost the ability to breathe on her own. I received the call that all of us parents dread. I was in Jacksonville with friends for the holiday and I don’t even remember driving 4 hours to Tampa. In the last two weeks that Gia has been here at St Joseph’s Children, she has been treated for Acute Transverse Myelitis and ADEM. Doctors still do not have a final diagnosis as none of them have ever seen this disease. Yesterday, Gia regained the ability to move her right wrist and shrug her shoulder. We still have a long road to recovery. As we work towards getting her healthy enough to be moved out of PICU and hopefully into an in-patient rehab, I now realize that I will need some help financially. I have been reluctant to ask for this help. My amazing employer has granted me FMLA but I will still need to be able to pay bills while I am not working. Being two hours away from home has some financial hardships as well.  (Source)

Via Twitter Bebe shared the news she would love to get in touch with Gia and lots of people have been sharing Bebe’s tweets beneath Ana’s Facebook posts and gave their best to share Gia’s location with Bebe. She has favorited tweets helping her and with the location which means Bebe is trying to get in touch. Thank you to everyone helping. You can still help even more by donating money to Gia’s family to help them finance the treatment and all necessary help needed.

MTV VMA 2019 Nominations

We’ve almost reached that music award season kinda moment this year and for Bebe it’s gonna be great. She’s nominated twice in MTV’s Video Music Awards 2019 category Best Dance: with ‘Call You Mine’ by The Chainsmokers and ‘Say My Name’ by David Guetta – both feature Bebe. Nominated alongside Bebe² are Clean Bandit ft. Demi Lovato (Solo), DJ Snake ft. Selena Gomez, Ozuna & Cardi B (Taki Taki), Mashmello & Bastille (Happier) and Silk City & Dua Lipa (Electricity). See all nominees here.

Harper’s Bazaar Vietnam Article

A little while back we shared some amazing photos of Bebe from the Harper’s Bazaar Vietnam 8th Anniversary shoot. Today we’re glad to share two new shots from the shoot and the article with you. Unfortunately the only way to get the article to be in English would be using Google Translate and we all know how well this works, it’s easier to head over to Harper’s Bazaar Vietnam and read the article if you speak Vietnamese.

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Photoshoots & Portraits – 2019 – Jora Frantzis | Harper’s Bazaar Vietnam 8th Anniversary

‘Harder’ Out Now!

Can we love Bebe any harder? Yes we can! The new song by Jax Jones feat. Bebe Rexha Harder dropped last night (July 12) and it’s the summer song we’ve all been waiting for. You can click here to listen to the song on your favorite streaming service, or watch the visualiser video below.

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Music – Singles – Harder (2019) –  Harder Promotionals

‘Harder’ Promotional Day

Tomorrow (July 12) Bebe’s new single with Jax Jones Harder drops and today both had a little promotional day for their new single in London, England. These two visited Kiss FM for example.

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Appearances & Events – 2019 –  July 11 | Visiting Kiss FM at Kiss FM Studios in London, England
Music – Singles – Harder (2019) –  Harder Single Cover

Isle of MTV Malta

Bebe is back on stage! On Tuesday (July 9) Bebe performed at Isle of MTV Malta in Valetta, Malta. See the setlist and the full concert (feat. Ava Max and Martin Garrix) below.

Me, Myself And I
I’m A Mess
Gateway Drug
Bad Bitch
Fuck Fake Friends
Say My Name
Call You Mine
Hey Mama
Take Me Home
Monster Under My Bed (The Monster)
Shining Star In The Name Of Love
Meant To Be


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Appearances & Events – 2019 –  July 09 | Isle of MTV Malta in Valetta, Malta
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Harper’s Bazaar Vietnam

Harper’s Bazaar celebrates its 8th year in Vietnam. The anniversary covers of the magazine’s special issue are graced by international sensations such as Bebe Rexha, Charlie Puth, Niall Horan, Olivia Cuplo and so many other celebrities. A few shots from the photoshoot by Jora Frantzis can now be found in the galllery.

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Photoshoots & Portraits – 2019 – Jora Frantzis | Harper’s Bazaar Vietnam 8th Anniversary

Heading to a nail salon

Last week (June 26, 2019) Bebe was seen heading to a nail salon in Los Angeles, California wearing her amazing Nike jumpsuit.

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Candids – 2019 – June 26 | Heading to a nail salon in Los Angeles, California